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10th NLUO Bose & Mitra & Co.
International Maritime Arbitration Moot 2023
23  - 26   March 2023



National Law University Odisha, one of the crown jewels amongst eminent legal institutions in India, had its inception back in 2009. It is situated in the Millennium City of Odisha - Cuttack, an ancient seat of trade, and the present seat of the High Court - a potent mix of legal lineage and cultural heritage. A multitude of legal luminaries of the finest acumen, from both the bar and bench, thus trace their origins back to this city, including three former CJIs. 

For the last eight years, NLUO has successfully organized its flagship moot, the "International Maritime Arbitration Moot (IMAM)," attracting some of the brightest minds and sharpening their advocacy abilities in the burgeoning fields of maritime law and arbitration.

The International Maritime Arbitration Moot (IMAM) is the first first in India and the third in the world to have maritime law as its principal subject area. The moot aimed to enhance research and advocacy skills of students in the area of Maritime Law and International Commercial Arbitration. So far, the moot has witnessed eight successful editions with the enthusiastic participation of teams from all across the country. With each new edition, the University strives to present a more demanding debate for its participants in order to reach new heights.

Prof. Ved Kumari

Vice-Chancellor, NLUO


At the outset, I take this opportunity to welcome you all, as we at National Law University Odisha, embark on our journey towards maintaining a conducive environment of academic ambience aiding in the enhancement of professional knowledge of the law. It is my consideration that NLUO Bose & Mitra & Co. International Maritime Arbitration Moot will aid its participants in exploring contemporary, niche areas of Maritime and Arbitration Law. Participants are faced with the daunting task of understanding grey areas of law and respond to them analytically. It will, in turn, hone their advocacy skills, preparing them for practical challenges of their competitive professional life. I have full faith, that the organising team will leave no stone unturned to make IMAM, a thrilling and unforgettable learning experience for you. I convey my best wishes to all the participants and we earnestly look forward to having you at Cuttack this March for IMAM 2023. 

Prof. (Dr.) Rangin Pallav Tripathy

Registrar, NLUO

Since its inception in 2014, IMAM has become one of the premiere moots competitions on maritime law and is still continuing to grow further. IMAM aims to provide participating teams with a holistic mooting experience and this sets IMAM apart from other competitions. IMAM has always provided participants with a compelling case study and facilitated a delve into the deeper trenches in international maritime arbitration. 

Through IMAM, participants are not only provided with a platform to test their legal acumen in the contemporary and challenging core issues of Maritime law but also given a chance to augment their skills against the best teams and among the finest and highly acclaimed panel of arbitrators.

As part of this excellent initiative, I invite you to the 10th Edition of NLUO Bose & Mitra & Co. International Maritime Arbitration Moot 2023. With your participation and the commitment of the organising committee, we look forward to making this IMAM a success.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-25 at 17.22.06.jpg
10th NLUO-BMC-IMAM 2023



It has been a delight to witness the long-standing collaboration between the International Maritime Arbitration Moot, conducted by National Law University Odisha, and the entire team at Bose Mitra Co. Every edition of the Moot has managed to overcome any obstacles thrown its way and has continued to propagate an atmosphere of learning, even in such trying times. It has been a pleasure to note the increased participation and inventive solutions towards complex maritime issues that have emerged in each successive edition. Their seamless adaption to conducting the moot virtually in the previous editions speaks volumes about the team behind its hosting and organisation. Our entire team is proud to have collaborated with the University, and we hope IMAM scales new heights in the coming years!

Bose & Mitra & Co.

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Amitava Majumdar.JPG

It has been my pleasure to have collaborated with the National Law University Odisha in conducting the International Maritime Arbitration Moot over the years. With every successive Moot, I have seen the levels of competition advance tremendously in terms of participation, critical analysis of complicated maritime issues, and the overall atmosphere of learning. The last edition, which keeping with the times was conducted virtually and that too, without a glitch, speaks volumes about the hosting and organisation of this Moot I, along with my entire team at Bose Mitra Co are proud to have collaborated with the University and look forward to the IMAM attaining newer heights in the coming years. Godspeed!

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Amitava Majumdar

Managing Partner

Bose & Mitra & Co.


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Bose & Mitra & Co.

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